Horse riding and driving

In addition to breeding and presenting our horses in shows, driving and riding is another main focus.

Shire Horses and Clydesdales are fascinating riding horses. In particular, for leisure rides or cross-country rides these horses are predestined by their well-balanced temperament and nerves of steel. Not least because of their natural suitability to carrying large weights, a rider must not possess an ideal physique to ride Shire Horses. These animals gladly forgive humans their dietary imbalances and are predictable in their need for movement. He who has once ridden a Shire will hardly be able to defy such fascination in the future. We will be happy to advise which horse suits your needs!

Shire Horses und Clydesdales sind klassische repräsentative Fahrpferde.



Shire Horses and Clydesdales are classical and representative carriage horses. For this reason, they are crowd-pullers when & wherever they appear, which is why they are always welcome guests on any advertising or show presentations.




mehrspännigen Anspannungen mit Shires und Clydesdales



In particular, carriages drawn by several harnessed Shires never fail to impress the crowds… there is a simple power and elegance applicable to these horses.





klassische Wagen



Although a classical style of driving is paramount in Germany, in Britain, Canada and the United States traditional wagons and carriages are paramount.