Breeding mares

In the same vein as for our stallions, we set similarly high standards for our broodmares. Since 80% of a foal’s genealogy is adopted from its mother, the selection of broodmares has even greater importance than that of the stallion. In addition to general good health, a fine character is of crucial importance. A well balanced temperament, coupled with amenability towards humans are pivotal traits for the future offspring.

Breeding is only offered with mares having a stature of over 1.8m withers height. The principal focus is towards the modern specie, a slightly lighter form of Shire Horses. In addition, however, we also have traditional horses available every year.

We currently breed with the following mares:

Metheringham Upton PoppetMetheringham Upton Poppet

Schimmelstute, *28.04.2000

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Acle Queenmaker

Rappstute, *03.03.2000

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Pantyrhuad Heidi

braune Stute, *20.05.2006

Champion Stute, Spring Show 2009, Peterborough

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Phoenix Ellie

dark-bay Stute, *02.06.2007

3. Platz, Stuten Klasse, Spring Show 2013, Peterborough
Deutsche Champion Stute 2013, Alpenrod

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Worsbro Dale Hanna

braune Stute, *19.03.2007

deutsche all-over Championstute 2012, Alpenrod

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Acle Fortune

braune Stute, *18.01.2007

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